Elon's Hawaii Based

The successful operation of Elon's Happy Trails requires a  diversity of resources.

Our workshop is well equipped with all the necessary tools and jigs to construct airline kennels.

Our pet crates conform and exceed IATA standards and are of the highest quality. We use the safest woods and products. We do not compromise on quality, because it is the safety of the animal using the crate that is paramount to us.

People ask how the Happy Trails Division was started. A friend who is  a military spouse asked for  guidance and help. Since LaShunda  built  fine custom furniture. She had no doubt that LaShunda could pull off the reinforced kennel she was in need of." I honestly owe her trust in me to the success of Happy Trails."- LaShunda Wilkison - Wood Artisan

Like many military families they were under the impression that a standard plastic  or the standard wooden kennel would be significant to ship their pit bull.

Before LaShunda knew it she found herself creating kennels and forging strong ties with the airline agencies. Her focus is to help military members and their families transition in their pcs move.

"I decided to put my love for woodworking ; my Business and Criminal Justice degree to use. Making sure that our kennels are above IATA standards. All while creating long lasting affordable kennels."- LaShunda Wilkison- Wood Artisan

The number one concern for military members was the need of the kennel to last through several pcs moves. They are built military tough.

Her personal experience as  a military spouse and wood artisan; has allowed her to understand  the demanding life of the military family. Being a military spouse of 20 years and a military brat for just as long totaling  over 40 years of military life gives her insight to understanding the struggle of the military family. She can't forget her Ohana family who has supported her business and supported her through challenges.


My ultimate goal is to keep as many furbaby’s and their human families together. To not have pet owners break the bank for kennels and airport transportation.

Safety is our #1 priority, and we treat your pet like it’s our own baby!